How should you prepare for exams?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Exams (in Sri Lankan context) are something I really hate. I would say, exams have become a necessary evil for students to success in their academic or career. First thing first, whether you like or not, you must excel in current reality of exam centric education system. Here are few tips for your success in exams.The most important point is that you properly prepare for the exams. Do your basics right. You must keep passing exam as one of the important target in the bigger context of acquiring skills and being competent.

One of the great maths professors in our university used to tell us “You must not only pass exams, but pass exams with minimum effort”. Here minimum does not means you must go for unethical means, but you must study using effective brain friendly techniques (We will discuss this topic in a separate post).

It is smart students excel in the exams, and not the mere hard working fellows. If you put excessive effort for studying, there is good chance that you are already exhausted by the exams. On the other hand, when you step into career or profession, it is no longer exams that matter, but effectiveness or efficiency of your conduct. Those mere hard working people who pass exam by shear brutal effort continue to suffer their life doing the same. 

Here I am going to discuss few basics that you may follow to effectively face the exams. First of all you must be realistic. Even before facing the exam, you should have a self evaluation of your capabilities. So in the exam be realistic rather than too optimistic or pessimistic.

Never ever think that your future is 100% depends on the exams. That is old day reality which is no longer the case. So face the exam for the best of your abilities and at the same time have alternative plans.

If you follow these basics, now you must be fairly relax candidate for the exam. Remember, when you are under pressure, you cannot give your best performance in whatever you do including exams.

In the next post we will discuss specific guidelines and tips for you to follow in the exam itself.

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