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Thursday, July 28, 2011

As a tech savvy blogger or content publisher sometimes you like to share some code examples with on line community.  When you publish web content or blog post (in some cases) regarding HTML and JavaScript, you may have encountered an issue. The code that you put up as content is interpreted by the web server / browser rather than published as content for the user.

In order to get around this, you need to encode your HTML/JavaScript code before adding it to web/blog content. You may do it manually escaping HTML tags. But more productive and easier option is to use a free online HTML encoder to get it encode and add the encoded content to your web page or blog post.

Here are few useful online encode/decode tools.

    I personally prefer the first tool because it gives option to add <br> tags and &nbsp; etc which preserve original indentation and formatting.

    By the way, these tools are very simple, even you can write your own tool if you know little bit on XML and how to parse XML tags. :-)

    When you share your HTML knowledge with your friends and community, use HTML encoder tools to escape the HTML code examples!

    If you need more sophisticated and fancy way of adding HTML and other code samples in to web pages or blog posts, you may continue reading "adding syntax highlighter to web page/blog post". HTML encoding will be used in this fancy approach as well.

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