Why should you learn English?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why should you learn English - Presentation Transcript
    • English has become the international language of the world.
    • 18 % of world population understand/speak English
    • When you learn another language, you get ability of different patterns of thinking.
    • Top reason why most countries promote students to learn multiple secondary languages
    • The bulk of world’s information/knowledge is in English
    • English is dominant education mode
    • Resources in the internet are dominantly in English
    • More career opportunities
    • Better chance of getting a professional job locally
    • Plenty of global career opportunities
    • If you are talented, you do not want to waste your skills just because not confident in English, or you may not want to be second to an dim-witted superior who is only good at English
    • More business opportunities
    • Expand your business to global market
    • Find global partnership
    • Explore new opportunities
    • Larger audience to share your thoughts
    • Almost one billion English speaking people around the world
    • Billions of Internet social media users who are fairly comfortable with English
    • More entertainment opportunities
    • More books to read
    • More TV/Radio programs to watch/listen
    • More web sites to surf

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I think those are enough reason for me to continue all my lessons in my English classes. I am so thank to found this post. This makes me realize how important English is.



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