Top two unique features of software

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The software field is booming. There are so many keen youth entering into software field. But lot of them have step into the fields without knowing the basics. Not knowing the key features of the field or work you are involved (or studying) in as an IT professional or student is pathetic sign. Ok now it’s your turn to check your knowledge, what come to your mind as key features of software (product) compared to most of the other fields. OK, now read on to verify your answers.

1. Software never gets wear and tear
Is not this unique feature of software industry? Why this matter to you? Firstly this is a great challenge for the software industry. If you are manufacturing car, the customer may return to you after few years due to wear and tear of the old car. But that never happen to software. What does it mean for software industry? It’s simple. Your customer will never come back to you to buy the same product. It is not like, for example, Uniliver can keep selling soap to the same customer, you have to make full income from a customer for a given software product in the first time itself! Secondly, you will never get income from maintenance support due to wear and tear of your software product.

2. Software is one of the easiest things in the world to copy
This is what you like as a user, but hate as a person in the software industry. If you buy a car you cannot easily create a copy of it and sell to others (The manufacture is in better position to do that). But if you buy software, in most of the cases you will be able to replicate and distribute or even sell to others. Is not that something you need to take seriously, if you are software professional? We will discuss about this issue and remedies in our next post.

So, if you are keen on software industry or IT in general, keep these two key features about software in mind. Knowing the nature of the field is the first step in success in the field.

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